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New World League Season 1

What is New World League?

New World League is a community run event. It features 9 Teams, Each team has a captain, and each team has participated in a draft to select their players (see above to see the draft results). Each week of the event will feature community events, and over the weekends there will be a war at 9, 10, and 11pm eastern. There are a list of strict rules teams and participants must follow (see above for those). This is season 1 of the league, if things go well, there is potential for another season. Shout out to those who got it running and to AGS for setting the community up with a PTR server to get the gear and events setup as needed!

Question Answer
Is this a seasonal event? We would like to have multiple seasons to the NWL but nothing is definite at this point.
Which server? AGS has been kind enough to let us host this event on our own private server. Keys will be handed out in the future.
Who are the captains? Apples - Green -x Mexico- Brimstone
Venge - Green - Audacity - Mourningdale
Ashy - Purple - Cookout - Brightwood
feeze - Purple - Criminals - WindsWard
Arch - Purple -Grav Auto Mael - Restless Shores
Hori - Yellow - Cancun - Reekwater
Woosie- Yellow -Gaungzhou Goats - Monarch's Bluff
Dreadal - Yellow - Espada- Everfall

Recent NWL Wars

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